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Disorganized information, disconnection between apps and tools, and access roadblocks slow down team collaboration. Atlassian Together, our new work management solution, offers team-centric, best-of-breed collaboration tools that allow work to flow freely across your organization while being on the same platform as tech teams. Atlassian Together includes Confluence, Trello, Jira Work Management, Atlas, and Atlassian Access.
Each product supports the ways in which teams need to define, track, and share their work. Understanding the purpose of each product is a crucial step in building out the connective structure that will support the teams in your organization.
  • Confluence is a content collaboration hub for everyone in your company. It's where work gets organized and team knowledge is captured. Teams can collaborate on problems, align on solutions, and define how they’ll measure success. The details in Confluence grow over time as project requirements are defined, timelines are agreed upon, and communication methods are decided. Confluence often becomes the source of truth for projects and the place where shared knowledge is documented. Learn more about Confluence
  • Trello is the work management tool that tames teamwork chaos, bringing order to complex projects, weekly meetings, and all the things in between that are critical to your team’s success. Trello boards are a great way to capture lists that are unique to an individual, like their priorities for the week, their 90-day onboarding plan, their professional growth goals, and one-on-one meetings. Think of Trello as a personal assistant that follows you as you move across products. Learn more about Trello
  • Jira Work Management enables business teams of all sizes to coordinate, collaborate, and deliver projects of all complexity levels. With the details in place, project views and reporting capabilities let team members view projects at the right level of granularity. Learn more about Jira Work Management
  • Atlas aligns teams with a common vocabulary and synchronized habits for communicating the context and progress of their work. Project details are summarized and updates are shared with stakeholders and leadership. Project owners pull in project definitions from Confluence, aggregate project progress from Jira Work Management, and set important details like project statuses and due dates. Weekly updates from the project owner keep everyone informed. Learn more about Atlas
  • Atlassian Access provides centralized, enterprise-grade security and administration for Atlassian cloud products across your organization. Access provides one place to manage your users and enforce security policies so you can confidently scale your business. Learn more about Atlassian Access

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