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Agile & DevOps (ADO)
Agile at Scale Practices
  • Defining a vision and creating a value proposition
  • How to kick start an Atlassian Governance Board
  • How to establish app governance
  • Jira custom fields governance
  • Shared goals, signals, and measures for your governance board
  • Team-managed and company-managed projects
Product-Specific Guidance
Agile and Operations Performance
Sprint Reporting
Platform Administration

Agile at Scale Practices

This section focuses on best practices and implementation tools for following agile practices at a large scale. Teams that can successfully perform agile at scale are able to weather any storm, handle any new demand, and treat challenges as non-events. The definition of “scale” will vary by team, department, and company, but these articles cover topics for a range of sizes and maturity levels.

Section overview:

What you'll learn

These articles mostly benefit you if you’re feeling explicit pain, or if you are early in your Atlassian Customer Service & Innovation (CSI) relationship. We know you need to be good at the soft skills, process, and practice with a certain level of durability in order to effectively operate for a large business. This section will help get you there.