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Team Poster

Run the Team Poster Play

Use our Team Poster Confluence Template

Prep time: 15 minutes

Run time: 60 minutes

No. people needed: 3-10 people

A Team Poster is a living document that defines who is on your team, what they are working on and why. Created for the Atlassian Team Playbook, it is a crucial step in setting your team up for success by generating a shared understanding of the team’s purpose. Use the Team Poster template to run the Team Poster Play efficiently and create a standardised format for your company.
Bonus value? Share this document with new hires, contractors and project teams to onboard quickly and get working faster. Use this as your team homepage for colleagues and network teams to help share understanding of how to engage with your team and why. More details on configuration guidance at the end of this section.
Teams are often busy working on tasks and collaborating - which is not a bad thing! As long as everyone in the team know why they are doing these tasks. Now more so than ever, with market conditions and competition constantly changing, and entire business models often pivoting, having a clear set of practices to efficiently get on the same page can help your team to adapt and stay focused on doing their best work.
Team Poster Playbook Plays hero@2x
So what is a team poster exactly? The Team Poster is a Confluence document about your work team and your objectives. It’s not a sporting team poster that you hang up on your wall- but sure, you can if you like! And yes: It also can have pictures of your team members. But it’s mostly about getting a really crisp articulation of what you want achieve together as a team and why, in order to build a shared understanding. Use the My User Manual Play to help team members to learn about each other.

Run the My User Manual Play

Use our My User Manual Confluence Template

Taking the time to pause and invest in this practice now will return dividends throughout your team’s delivery phases. A shared understanding is important to move work forward and get clarity on your goals without having these discussions over and over again throughout projects and delivery.
The team poster also saves time and creates more deliberate partnerships with internal teams by explaining to new team members or people from other teams the purpose of your team. Instead of telling your team story multiple times in meetings, just point them to the team poster and save the face to face time for specific topics.
In an ideal world, you should only need to do this Play once every couple of years and refresh yearly or at the conclusion of each projects learning phase. However, the team poster is absolutely a living document. Your team members might change, your goals might shift, your strategies will evolve, you may need to adjust your customer definition. Do it immediately and don’t wait until you re-run this Play.


Use the page ‘Add status’ function just above the page header to indicate periods where the team Poster is being updated by setting to ‘In progress’. Update to ‘Ready for review’ or ‘Done’ when you’ve completed your latest updates.


Changing your default homepage for your Confluence space can require some configuration changes and updates to your space permissions. For support review our guidance on how to configure your site homepage.


Run through each of the below steps in our Team Poster Play on the Atlassian Team Playbook. Remember, the point is not to get everything documented perfectly, this is a living document after all. You should aim to get a spread of information across all of the points below before going back throughout the project or delivery phase to establish depth.
  1. Pre-work completed by the team leader 15 MIN CONFLUENCE
  2. Pre-work completed by team members 10 MIN CONFLUENCE
  3. Share team context 10 MIN LIVE MEETING
  4. Define what problems the team is solving, and why? 10 MIN LIVE MEETING
  5. Define the teams customers 5 MIN LIVE MEETING
  6. Define how the team will measure success 5 MIN LIVE MEETING
  7. Document the solutions the team currently offers 5 MIN LIVE MEETING
  8. Share the strategy the team is working on currently 5 MIN LIVE MEETING
  9. Front-load FAQs for the team 5 MIN LIVE MEETING
  10. Create a ‘contact us’ section for the team 5 MIN LIVE MEETING

If you have feedback or want to share success stories, we want to hear from you! Join us in the Teamwork Lab community!

And be sure to check out the Atlassian University course How to shape effective teams. You'll get facilitation guides, detailed overviews of how to run each play, and solutions to common challenges.

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