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Before proceeding, we recommend that you complete the Prepare for PI Planning Event with Advanced Roadmaps procedure.

Learn how to use Jira to support the needs of the teams and the program leadership during a Program Increment (PI) Planning event.


  • The PI Planning Prep meeting is conducted once per quarter with all members of the program to review and plan the work for the next PI.
  • The outcome of PI Planning includes a list of committed objectives, features targeted for delivery, and known risks and dependencies.
Planning meeting
These tasks will help you ensure your planning meeting encompasses everything your team needs to accomplish.
  • Validate team and program loads - Teams are prepared to plan several iterations/sprints worth of work (stories) based on historical velocity and planned load
  • Commit to objectives - Teams define and commit to team and program-level objectives (e.g. objectives and key results) with the business value set by business owners and/or stakeholders which references the work (stories and features)
  • Review risk mitigation - Teams identify and capture team and program-level risks (including dependencies) as part of the planning event

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