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ITSM Solution Delivery Guide

Understand the purpose of this guide and what's involved in the process to deliver and implement Atlassian tools and ITSM

Stakeholder skills and capabilities

Identify your key stakeholders and their ideal skills

Delivery overview: Discovery

Review the key factors that will help your team successfully implement and deliver ITSM

Delivery overview: Planning

Plan out your tools, scope, use cases, and requirements

Delivery overview: Platform configuration (Jira Administrator)

Enable your Jira Administrator to set up and congifure Jira Service Management for implementing and delivering ITSM

ITSM Training and support

Train your users to ensure Jira Service Management is effectively adopted and utilized

ITSM Delivery: Deployment

Learn how to launch your ITSM service project to your customers and users


Conduct activities to ensure a smooth transition after JSM go-live with extra support

Continuously improve

Look for ways to improve your Jira Service Management implementation

ITSM Glossary

Learn the definitions of ITSM terms you should know


About this guide

The guide provides a comprehensive overview of how to deliver and implement Atlassian tools and IT Service Management (ITSM) using a standardized delivery process, leveraging best practices. It is written for those that are about to set up a Jira Service Management (JSM) implementation project.
This guide aims to uncomplicate ITSM implementations, making customers happy. The guide will be regularly updated with new information and feedback to ensure that it stays relevant and effective.


Implementing Atlassian tools in an ITSM environment requires a solid understanding of each tool's technical aspects and best practices for integrating them into your existing infrastructure.
Before you start your journey to implement the ITSM platform, let’s set the stage with an action plan. We will guide you through each step so you can focus on the delivery without thinking about the what and the how.
You are free to use your own method to plan and set up your implementation project. Here are the stakeholder skills and capabilities you will need to successfully deliver the project.