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Agile & DevOps (ADO)
Agile at Scale Practices
Product-Specific Guidance
Agile and Operations Performance
  • Bitbucket metrics
  • Confluence organization and clean up recommendations
  • Load, performance, and stress testing considerations
  • Managing attachment growth in Jira and Confluence
  • How to take thread dumps and analyze them
  • Analytics 101
Sprint Reporting
Platform Administration

Agile and Operations Performance

Performance in Agile and DevOps might seem like a conflicting story, but it's not. Agile performance management is a collaborative, continuous feedback, development practice informed by agile principles and processes. This is very similar to the performance requirements hidden in the promise of DevOps — shipping higher quality products, faster. To do that, teams need to collect, analyze, and measure numerous metrics. It's all about iteration, no matter which team you're on!

Section overview:

What you'll learn

These articles focus on big changes you can make to tweak your system’s efficiency. These are the big levers to pull when you want to improve Confluence, Jira, Bitbucket, or your server configuration performance.