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Why IT service management?

Hey, I’m Nadeem. I’m a member of Atlassian’s advisory team. Our team empowers customers to accelerate business outcomes using our solutions.

Who is this for? This article is for change agents in charge of driving their organization’s IT transformation and defining a solution path to optimized service management practices. We provide guidance on establishing a transformation plan and recommend the products to best meet you where you are.

Technology is moving fast. Enterprises have embraced the path to digital transformation either for a competitive edge or survival. Adopting on-demand services has set high expectations for the availability and performance of the services. And to be productive,  there is a growing need for instant access to information.
The need to efficiently manage these services has evolved with this shifting landscape. Siloed systems impose friction and constrain knowledge sharing across teams and modern tools. IT leaders face a unique opportunity to help their organizations navigate this transformation. As a change agent, you stand at the center of this modernization across the entire business, from prioritizing and managing demand to creating smooth processes for internal business teams.
The time is now to reimagine and evolve your core practices and lead your teams in navigating transformation and adopting modern working methods. Atlassian, a leader in the service management world, can guide you in the success of this journey.

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