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About Advisory Services

At Atlassian, we understand the importance of achieving your desired outcomes. That's why we offer our Advisory Services to provide strategic guidance to enterprise customers like you. Our goal is to unlock every possibility and turn any transformational ambition into a reality. We achieve this by optimizing team practices, workflows, Atlassian product configuration, and toolchain — maximizing your investment in Atlassian products.
Our services offering and team provide you with guidance on creating a strong, scalable foundation so that you can easily adapt at the speed of change. We offer a vision, roadmap, and solutions to get you to the next level in your transformation journey while providing a clear path forward that enables you to accelerate success and avoid technical debt.
Teaming up with your Solution Partner, you gain a comprehensive examination of your technology, practices, and processes, leading to a complete understanding of how to accelerate the outcomes you seek. Ultimately, your Solution Partner is responsible for executing the Atlassian-backed plan, while our Advisory Services team provides support if they encounter any technical obstacles.

Meet the team

Suppose you're wondering if Product and Advisory Services are the same people — they're not. Our Product teams are involved with developing Atlassian products that work for you and innovating new features to meet emerging needs. The Advisory Services team pays particular attention to customer end-to-end workflows within and across domains and your organization. Let's look at the different roles that make up Advisory Services.
Advisory Services Engagement Team

Our services offering

No matter where you are on your transformation journey or the complexity of the outcomes you seek, we have a wide range of options to accelerate the outcomes you desire.
  • Subscription plans: Outcome-focused options that provide guidance for a year or more and align with where you are on your transformation journey.
  • Services catalog: Domain-specific services that quickly optimize crucial team practices.
We define solutions as more than just software products and help documentation. Solutions include tools, templates, practices, training, insights, and Marketplace apps. We have expertise in the following domains:
  • Agile at Scale: Helping decision-makers bridge the disconnects between strategy and execution, so you can promptly respond to market changes and drive value-creating outcomes.
  • DevOps: Providing guidance to software teams to improve visibility, and reduce silos across teams to enhance velocity and performance.
  • IT Service Management (ITSM): Connecting development, IT operations, and business teams to operate at high velocity and deliver the exceptional service experiences their customers and employees demand.
  • Work Management for All (WM4A): Empowering teams such as HR, Marketing, Legal and Sales to plan, track, and collaborate within and across functions to improve efficiency.
Advisory Services has solutions for each domain that capture best practices for solution design, implementation, and adoption across all Atlassian products. For each domain, solutions are compiled into a journey, creating a solution guide.

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Contact your Atlassian Sales Rep or Solution Partner to connect you with a Services Solution Advocate (SSA) so they can understand the outcomes you desire and recommend the optimal service to achieve them.

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