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Cloud Shift
Cloud Topics
  • Benefits of hosting Jira Align in a VPC environment
  • Jira Server to Cloud API integration
  • Understanding marketplace app security in the cloud
  • Get ready for cloud
  • Federated sites in an Enterprise Cloud scenario
  • Application tunnels overview
  • What to do when you discover an unauthorized site or product
  • User interface differences when switching to Jira and Confluence Cloud

Cloud Topics

When you're migrating to the cloud from an on-premises (on-prem) instance, things can get complicated. This section aims to decrease that complexity by breaking concepts into actionable solutions, as well as equip you with the information you need for understanding various ways to roll out your infrastructure.

Section overview:

What you'll learn

These articles contain strategies, practices, and explanations to help you set up, implement, plan, migrate, integrate, and assess your current deployment.